If the rest of this site doesn't tell you enough, here's what some other lovely people are saying about me:


"Ceri David continues to be one of the most talented editors and journalists I've worked with. Her eye for detail and passion for well-constructed, beautifully written content is unmatched, whether she's creating it herself or commissioning it. Her sense of humour and observation skills guarantee a unique take on any subject matter and make her a valued colleague. I hope to work closely with her again, and would highly recommend her for many different forms of editorial roles, in both digital and print." Claire Bradley, Editor, Inside Out


"Ceri is the rarest of communication professionals who can implement a strong editorial vision while still being across the details that take a good publication to something truly great. She is a writer's editor, who understands, respects and can clearly articulate the tone and style of the writing she believes will resonate with her readership. She captained a period in GQ's history where the magazine matured from a style authority to a brand with substance. GQ Australia always had beauty and brawn, Ceri gave it brains. It was a pleasure and a point of personal pride to have worked alongside her in bringing this vision to life." Andrew McUtchen, Contributing Editor, GQ


"Ceri is an imaginative, thoughtful and exacting editor. Also a wonderful writer, she was, and continues to be, an invaluable mentor to me." Alice Wasley, freelance writer


"Ceri is someone I have known since we both first started out in journalism. I've loved seeing her develop into one of the best editors I have ever worked for - and I've worked for many in the last 15 years as a freelance writer. She's collaborative, encouraging and positive and is very skilled at editing in a sensitive way that improves copy immeasurably without being heavy-handed. She brings the perfect balance of professionalism and fun to work which makes it an absolute to work with her and to write for her. Ceri is also the second most organized person I've ever met after my wife. For these reasons and for dozens more, I can wholeheartedly recommend her for editorships. I would be happy to elaborate further as and when required." Dan Rookwood, US editor, Mr Porter


"Ceri always strived and managed to achieve the very best quality of work while at GQ. It was a pleasure working with Ceri on the commercial part of the business, her willingness to help us succeed and creativity assisted us greatly. She was a great leader and respected by all working on GQ." Dennis Michael, Director, Brand Strategy, NewsLifeMedia


"Ceri and I worked together at Hardie Grant. During that time Ceri was a managing editor and had to work across multiple, diverse client projects from childcare to university. Ceri was incredibly organised, brilliant managing the clients, working with creative and an amazing writer. Ceri had a great ability to understand the client’s brief and then write accordingly or commission journalists. She was a very trusted pair of hands for any project, ensuring it was delivered on time, to a high standard and within budget. Ceri was not only brilliant at her job but really fun and enjoyable to work with. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Ceri again." Ingrid von Bibra, Publications Manager, The New Daily